Tiffany Smiley Unveils “Agenda for Recovery and Reform for Our Most Vulnerable”

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September 26, 2022


Tiffany Smiley Unveils “Agenda for Recovery and Reform for Our Most Vulnerable”

Sixth in Series of Policy Rollouts Aims to Bring Hope to the Homeless, Jobless and Victims of Abuse and Addiction

Pasco, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) today unveiled her “Agenda for Recovery and Reform for Our Most Vulnerable,” the sixth in a series if policy proposals to give hope to Washington families.

The agenda focuses on bringing hope to the homeless, the jobless and victims of abuse and addiction, while ensuring local communities have input and taxpayer dollars aren’t wasted.

“Homelessness is not something we can ignore,” said Smiley. “And the status quo of carelessly throwing money at the problem is not working. Too many career politicians think it’s taboo to suggest that homelessness stems from more than just rising housing costs. We need to acknowledge that mental illness, drug addiction, domestic abuse, re-entry from recent incarceration and troubled childhoods are more determinative of homelessness than poverty by itself.”

To reduce homelessness and give hope to those most at risk, the full list of proposals in Smiley’s “Agenda for Recovery and Reform for Our Most Vulnerable” includes:

  • Supporting approaches that provide the homeless with permanent housing and stability that helps them overcome their challenges while keeping individuals accountable for their behavior

  • Requiring adequate local public input and transparency before shelters for the homeless are placed in any neighborhood

  • Determining and funding the most effective, proven programs that treat mental illness, break drug addiction, fight abusive relationships and provide job training and counseling

  • Banning taxpayer dollars from ever being spent on sanctuaries for drug users like the “supervised drug consumption sites” proposed in California

  • Ensuring patients with preexisting conditions are always protected from discrimination while fixing our broken health care system from the flaws of Obamacare

“Helping our most vulnerable recover demands solutions that lift people up rather than tying them to yet another failed government program that spends billions of our tax dollars, with little actually reaching those in need,” Smiley continued. “Reform of our approach to homelessness requires a coordinated and comprehensive effort to address the problem that has not been taken. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for the homeless and those most at risk.”

Click here to see the full “Agenda for Recovery and Reform for Our Most Vulnerable.”

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