Tiffany Smiley Unveils “Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform”

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August 29, 2022


Tiffany Smiley Unveils “Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform,” Will Visit Southern Border to Meet with Patrol Officers, Crime Survivors

Second in Series of Policy Rollouts Calls for Securing the Border, Holding Repeat Offenders Accountable, Hiring Bonuses for Police Officers and Combatting “Defund-the-Police” Measures

Pasco, Wash. – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) today unveiled her “Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform,” the second in a series of policy proposals to tackle Washington State’s crime crisis and give hope to local communities and crime fighters.

Smiley is also visiting McAllen, Texas tomorrow where she will be a part of a roundtable with survivors and victims of child/sex/drug trafficking - all crimes directly attributable to the failed policies surrounding the southern border. Additionally, she will meet with U.S. Border Patrol agents, tour the border, spend time with law enforcement and CBP wives and participate in a private sector roundtable with IBC Bank executives to learn more about immigration, trade, asylum and infrastructure.

“Crime is skyrocketing across Washington and families don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods,” said Smiley. “Iconic businesses like Starbucks are closing stores because of unsafe conditions, leading to job and wage loss. Drugs are pouring into Washington and killing too many people. And we have to acknowledge that we have a fentanyl and opioid crisis because we have a border crisis.”

The proposals in Smiley’s “Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform” include:

  • Preventing Title 42 from being lifted until real border security – through physical barriers, manpower and technology – can be achieved

  • Holding repeat offenders accountable by supporting the work of Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison to prosecute recidivism

  • Allowing law enforcement agencies to use federal grant dollars to offer $5,000 in hiring and retention bonuses to police officers

  • Requiring local governments to fund their municipal police departments in order to be eligible for any funding from the Department of Justice

  • Making local governments who have defunded their police legally liable for personal and property damages

“Public safety recovery means supporting our law enforcement with the resources and training they need, rolling back radical efforts to ‘defund the police’ that undercut the foundation of our lawful society,” Smiley added. “Public safety reform means doing everything we can to mitigate the root causes of crime, including the narcotics that come from our country’s Southern border. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s victims of crime, our police and those they protect and serve.”

Click here to see the full “Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform.” More policy proposals will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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