Tiffany Smiley Launches “Agenda for Recovery and Reform”

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August 22, 2022


Tiffany Smiley Launches “Agenda for Recovery and Reform”

First Policy Rollout on Economy Calls for Reining in the IRS, Ensuring Workers Are Never Paid to Stay Home, and Cutting Taxes for the Middle Class

Pasco, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) today launched her “Agenda for Recovery and Reform,” a series of policy proposals that will be rolled out over the next month. The agenda will outline a plan to help Washington families who are facing multiple crises at the kitchen table and in their neighborhoods.

“As Scotty and I dedicated ourselves to his recovery after suffering severe injuries in Iraq, we took on the federal government and won important reforms for veterans,” said Smiley. “Using that experience, my Agenda for Recovery and Reform has one simple aim: to turn crises into hope for all Washingtonians. As a triage nurse, I know how to take on and fix crises and that’s exactly what I’ll do in the United States Senate.”

Smiley is launching this series of policy proposals this week with the following “Agenda for Economic Recovery and Reform” to give hope to Washington’s workers, job creators and their families:

  • Preventing the IRS from harassing middle-class families and small businesses with the 87,000 agents they plan to hire to investigate American taxpayers

  • Reducing wasteful spending that has caused inflation and ensuring that government never pays able-bodied workers more to stay at home than go to work

  • Permanently extending the 2017 tax cuts for the middle class and paying for it by permanently extending the cap on state and local (SALT) deductions, preventing the rich in high-tax states like California from lowering their tax bills

  • Pursuing free and fair trade agreements like USMCA that support nearly a million Washington jobs and protect Washington workers, manufacturers and farmers from unfair trade practices

“From skyrocketing inflation to an oncoming recession, our economy is going in the wrong direction,” Smiley added. “Economic recovery and reform means putting more in the pocketbooks of the middle-class and enacting commonsense ideas that take advantage of Washington’s strengths in the global competition for jobs and investment. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for all workers and their families.”

Click here to see the full “Agenda for Economic Recovery and Reform.” More policy proposals will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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