TIFFANY SMILEY IN NEW AD: “Biden, Murray Working Overtime to Make Everything More Expensive”

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September 1, 2022


TIFFANY SMILEY IN NEW AD: “Biden, Murray Working Overtime to Make Everything More Expensive”

Veterans Advocate Calls Out Patty’s Price Hikes on Popular “Game Day” Staples

Pasco, WA – The Smiley for Washington campaign released its second TV ad of the general election titled “Game Day.” The ad, released today, highlights the impact “Patty’s Price Hikes” have had on popular game day foods.

This ad will run statewide from September 1 through September 11 to coincide with the start of the college and professional football seasons. Watch the ad here:

“The consequences of Patty’s Price Hikes are touching every aspect of our lives,” said Elisa Carlson, Communications Director for the Smiley for Washington campaign. “From the gas pump to the foods we enjoy while cheering for our favorite teams, everything costs more. Washington voters have a choice to make: stick with the career partisan politician who votes in lockstep with her party or elect a proven fighter with a vision for helping Washington families and a track record of achieving results!”


  • Last week, Smiley released her “Agenda for Economic Recovery and Reform” to turn crisis into hope for Washington’s workers, job creators and their families. The agenda included a pledge to reduce the wasteful spending that has caused inflation and ensure that government never pays able-bodied workers more to stay at home that go to work.

  • This stands in stark contrast to Patty Murray’s record of being the deciding vote for a multi-trillion dollar so-called “COVID relief” bill that Democrat economists and left-leaning experts warned would “set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation” and led to $3,400 in lost annual wages for the average American worker under Joe Biden.

  • Joe Biden “singled out” Patty Murray for her work on the so-called “COVID relief” bill and this ad holds to her to account for her Price Hikes.

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