Smiley: “Patty Murray Wants Zero Debates Before Voting Begins. It’s an Insult to Voters.”

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September 19, 2022

***Press Release***

Smiley: “Patty Murray Wants Zero Debates Before Voting Begins. It’s an Insult to Voters.”

Veterans Advocate Accepts New Dates for Debates, Pushing for Additional Earlier Ones as 30-Year Incumbent “Dragging Her Feet”

Pasco, WA In response to last Friday’s public invitation from debate organizers with revised dates and an announcement from Senator Patty Murray that she has only accepted one of those debates, veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley is accepting and reconfirming previous commitments to debate, releasing the following statement:

“It’s become clear that Patty Murray wants to have zero debates before voting begins in Washington State,” said Smiley. “It’s undemocratic, it’s a slap in the face to the electoral process, and it’s an insult to voters. Any incumbent should be confident facing any opponent, anytime, anywhere. But Patty Murray’s debate dodging make it obvious she has nothing to show for her three decades in the U.S. Senate. It’s time for a change.”

The Washington State Debate Coalition announced two debates in late October that come after the start of the 18-day voting period through Election Day beginning on October 21. Five weeks – 35 DAYS – after Smiley made her original debate proposal, the Smiley for Washington campaign will continue to push for more debates before that voting period begins in order to give the Washingtonians a fair look at the candidates before they receive ballots.

While Patty Murray refuses to debate before the voting period begins, Kate Riley – The Seattle Times’ editorial page editor – wrote the following in a column last Friday:

“Smiley was right on one point. Sen. Patty Murray seemed like she was dragging her feet in committing to one-on-one debates with Smiley. On Friday, the Washington State Debate Coalition announced a proposed lineup … But they are not yet buttoned down, according to the Murray campaign. This is getting down to the wire. State ballots will be mailed out in about a month.”

The revised locations and dates that Smiley has accepted an invitation to are:

  • Tri-Cities Region: Thursday, September 29 or Friday, September 30 – Sponsored by the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Gonzaga University: Sunday, October 23 – Sponsored by Seattle City Club’s Washington State Debate Coalition. League of Women Voters of Washington Education Fund and The Spokesman-Review (This is the only debate accepted by Patty Murray.)

  • Seattle University: Tuesday, October 25 – Sponsored by the Seattle City Club’s Washington State Debate Coalition

Smiley may consider other debate opportunities beyond what has been accepted and proposed.

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