**PRESS RELEASE** Statement On Potential Loss Of Even More Seattle Police Due To Inslee’s Mandates

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

PASCO, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) today reiterated her concern about staffing shortages caused by Governor Jay Inslee’s COVID vaccination policy following reports that the City of Seattle could lose up to 200 more police officers as a result. This would be in addition to the 300 police officers who already left the police department over the past year due to the city’s anti-law enforcement actions. Inslee’s vaccination mandate is the nation’s most inflexible, requiring state employees, police officers, teachers and health care workers to be vaccinated without a testing alternative. Tiffany Smiley said: “Last year, we lost 300 due to the push to defund the police, now we may lose another 20-percent of the force as a result of Governor Inslee’s attempt to one-up every other state in the country with his COVID restrictions. We need to understand there are ramifications to the policies we enact that reach far beyond the initial intent, and we are seeing the repercussions of this shortsightedness in the further erosion of public safety in Seattle.” “We need our law enforcement’s support now more than ever, yet Patty Murray remains silent, more focused on her Party’s DC agenda than the struggles of the voters who sent her there in the first place. A homelessness crisis, the ravages of addiction, and a spike in violent crime are eating away at the foundations of our community, yet Senator Murray refuses to acknowledge the cancers afflicting our families, our neighborhoods, and our state,” continued Smiley. “I will not be silent. I stand with our heroes in blue and urge our leaders to put their ideology aside, use common sense, and put the welfare of the people of Seattle first and foremost rather than their sad attempts to score political points. The City is at the brink, and it’s up to our leaders to turn it around,” concluded Smiley. Earlier this week, both KTTH in Seattle and the New York Post subsequently reported that up to 200 Seattle police officers may lose their jobs because of Governor Inslee’s vaccination policy. This would represent 20-percent of the Seattle police department at a time when the city’s homeless crisis has reached epidemic proportions and violence crime is ravaging the city. To learn more about Tiffany Smiley’s record of taking on an unresponsive Federal government and fighting for the care of our nation’s veteran heroes, click here to download her campaign media kit. ### PAID FOR BY SMILEY FOR WASHINGTON

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