Smiley Statement on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing

Updated: May 23


Smiley Statement on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing

PASCO, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) issued the following statement on today’s Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in Beijing.

Tiffany Smiley said: “Sports have always been a huge part of my life and the life of my family. My family, like so many families across Washington and our entire nation, looks forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics, to cheer on our nation’s athletes with pride as they take the world stage.

However, the pomp and glitter on display for the world’s cameras must not distract from the oppression and human rights abuses perpetrated by China. The Biden Administration was correct to not send a governmental delegation to China, but we must remain vigilant in ensuring American athletes remain safe - both from the threat of the ongoing pandemic and the potential of security threats.

To the athletes of the American delegation I say: ‘Good luck!’ I hope the memories made while representing our country last a lifetime, and that your years of hard work and dedication are richly rewarded on the medal podium. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Smiley family is cheering you on!”

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