***PRESS RELEASE***Smiley Statement On America’s Ongoing Illegal Immigration Crisis

PASCO, WA – Veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley (R-WA) issued the following statement in response to the release of new data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) outlining the surge in illegal immigration at the southern border with Mexico.

Tiffany Smiley said: “The numbers released by Customs and Border Protection substantiate the images we’ve seen on our television screens all year, and the inaction by our leaders in addressing this crisis should appall us all. Patty Murray and Joe Biden have instituted policies and continually used rhetoric that has become a magnet for illegal immigration. Illegal immigration has real life consequences, not just at the southern border, but here in Washington state. Drugs, crime, and insecurity – we are being forced to address these problems here because Joe Biden and Patty Murray are failing us at our border.”

“We are a nation of laws, our laws are the rules by which our society functions, and we cannot turn a blind eye to the implications of an insecure southern border. As Washington’s next United States Senator, I will work to ensure our immigration laws are fair and our borders are secure,” concluded Smiley.

CBP released data for Fiscal Year 2021 that detailed the exponential increase in illegal border crossings at the United States’ southern border. The 1.7 million border crossings in 2021 were more than three times larger than the 458,000 border crossings in 2020 and twice the size of the overall population of Seattle. In fact, the number of illegal border crossings in 2021 were nearly equal to the sum of illegal border crossings in 2018, 2019, and 2020 combined!



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