Patty’s Empty Economic Empathy

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July 13, 2022


Patty’s Empty Economic Empathy

Murray’s Attempt to Connect with Washingtonians a Political Strategy to Cover Up the Problems She Created for Washingtonians

Pasco, Wash. – Now that it’s an election year, Patty Murray sure is working hard to show she feels the pain of Washington families. Here’s what she recently told The Seattle Times: “Some of the toughest years that I can remember … From the pandemic and the economic crash, all of what happened to every single family and their ability to put food on the table.”

It’s a continuation of Murray’s empathy strategy from her first TV ad last month: “Things are hard right now.” But it’s Murray who created these “toughest years” and why “things are hard right now” for Washington families:

Earlier this year, Murray said “we are in a better place” because of Joe Biden and the multi-trillion dollar spending spree she voted for. Who exactly is “in a better place”?

  • Criminals in prison – like the Boston Bomber and child sex abuser Larry Nassar – are “in a better place” because they got nearly $1 billion in “COVID relief” money.

  • Proponents of Critical Race Theory are “in a better place” because they received nearly a million dollars in “COVID relief” money.

  • Pet projects run by extreme liberals are “in a better place” because they received millions in “COVID relief” money.

Patty Murray has not only failed to fight against the inflation crisis and wasteful spending; she helped create the inflation crisis by voting for wasteful spending.

As much as she’d like to avoid it, after 30 years in the Senate it’s Patty Murray’s record that is on the ballot. As Tiffany told The Seattle Times: “I always ask folks, everywhere I go . . . Do you want more of the past two years? And they always say ‘no.’ Skyrocketing inflation, higher gas prices, more empty shelves at the grocery store. . . Everywhere we look we see out-of-control spending . . . I’m going to Washington, D.C. . . . to combat crime, to save our children, stop fentanyl from coming across our Southern border, to combat inflation.”

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