NEW TV AD: Smiley Takes Murray to Task for “Reckless Policies” Fueling Crime Surge

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September 20, 2022


NEW TV AD: Smiley Takes Murray to Task for “Reckless Policies” Fueling Crime Surge

Veterans Advocate Features Starbucks Store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood Shuttered “Over Safety Concerns”

Pasco, WA – The Smiley for Washington campaign released its fourth TV ad of the general election today titled “Cup of Coffee,” where veterans advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley takes Senator Patty Murray to task for reckless policies that have led to supply chain problems, skyrocketing inflation and surging crime.

In the ad, Smiley stands across the street from a recently closed Starbucks store in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle “over safety concerns,” as reported earlier this summer by The Seattle Times.

This ad buy, totaling 1200 GRPs, will run statewide from September 20 through October 4. Watch the new ad here:

“Patty Murray’s soft-of-crime record has cost both lives and livelihoods,” said Elisa Carlson, Communications Director for Smiley for Washington campaign. “She has a thirty year record of voting against funding and supporting police and prosecutors, all while allowing criminals to collect taxpayer dollars while in prison and letting them go free. Tiffany Smiley will bring an end to the crime crisis and her Agenda for Public Safety Recovery and Reform will bring hope to Washington’s crime victims and crime fighters.”


Patty Murray has voted against funding crime fighters since she first entered the U.S. Senate:

  • In 1993, Murray voted against a measure that authorized $200 million more for prosecutors and anti-gang prevention policies, and made several illegal gang activities federal offenses. This from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on November 10, 1993: “The Senate also passed amendments that would … make several illegal gang activities federal offenses. It also would authorize $200 million for more prosecutors and anti-gang prevention programs. The amendment passed 60-38 … [F]or the proposal to classify as federal offenses a host of illegal gang activities; Murray voted against it.”

  • In 1995, Murray voted against an appropriations bill that provided $14.6 billion for crime-fighting measures. This from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer on December 8, 1994: “The Senate, meanwhile, sent to Clinton the Commerce-Justice-State bill, which provides $14.6 billion for crime-fighting measures … The vote was 50-48 … Murray voted against it.”

Just two years ago, Murray said she would continue efforts to “reimagine our approach to public safety” and would be “working to redirect taxpayers' dollars toward community resources.” And she has kept her word when it comes to voting against crime fighters:

  • Last year, Murray voted against $300 million to combat drug trafficking at the Southern border.

  • Last month, Murray voted against funding for detection of illegal narcotics including opioids and fentanyl.

  • Additionally, Murray voted against the prioritization the hiring of border agents to combat drug trafficking over the hiring of IRS agents who are set to harass more middle-class taxpayers and small businesses.

Patty Murray isn’t just soft on crime. She’s also soft on the criminals themselves.

Additionally, Murray voted against limiting or prohibiting federal grants from going to local governments whose district attorneys chose not to prosecute certain crimes.

Last month, Murray voted against funding to prevent the release of dangerous criminals.

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