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“Republicans Now Hope Their Own ‘Mom In Tennis Shoes’ Can Send Murray Packing”

PASCO, WA – This morning, The Washington Post’s opinion columnist Henry Olson profiled United States Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley’s (R-WA) campaign against Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).

In his column, Olson writes:

“Patty Murray won her first Senate race in 1992 by campaigning as a “mom in tennis shoes” fighting against the system. Today, the Washington state Democrat is an icon of the system she once derided, having proudly served in her party’s leadership since 2007. Republicans now hope their own “mom in tennis shoes” can send Murray packing.

That “mom” is Tiffany Smiley. Smiley, who announced her candidacy on Thursday, is a 38-year-old mother of three. Her story is compelling: Sixteen years ago, she received a life-changing phone call. Her husband, Scotty, a U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate serving in Iraq, had been permanently blinded and might not survive. Smiley immediately quit her job as a triage nurse and flew to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be by his side. There, she says, she found a bureaucratic and incompetent system that was trying to roust her husband out of the military and couldn’t or wouldn’t provide him the care he needed to fully recover.

Smiley took on the Pentagon and Veterans Affairs — and won. Her husband got the care he needed and became the first blind active-duty officer in the Army. She went on to help other women take on their challenges as an author, speaker and consultant. Now, she says she’s running to fight for Washington state’s forgotten families…

… The candidate herself has a good sense of how she can meet the challenge ahead. In an interview on Thursday, Smiley told me that she’s running because “we need a trusted fighter to stand up for our future.” She highlights her biography and life experience when explaining how she can connect with voters: “I’m a mom, a wife and a nurse.” When asked about how she would respond to questions about abortion, she emphasized her experience as an ob-gyn triage nurse dealing with scared, pregnant women, saying “keeping your child shouldn’t be a ticket to poverty or not getting an education.” She repeatedly mentioned the need to come together in search of “common-sense solutions,” something she believes will resonate with “traditional GOP voters” and moms who may not have liked Trump…”

To read all of Olson’s column, click here.

To learn more about Tiffany Smiley’s record of taking on an unresponsive Federal government and fighting for the care of our nation’s veteran heroes, click here to download her campaign media kit.

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