ICYMI: Politico Showcases Patty Murray’s Excuses for Not Debating

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September 08, 2022


ICYMI: Politico Showcases Patty Murray’s Excuses for Not Debating

Murray’s Campaign Has Decided Their Path To Victory Is To Hide Her From The Public At All Costs

Pasco, WA – How afraid is Patty Murray when it comes to debating Tiffany Smiley? Politico reported this morning:

POLITICO contacted Senate campaigns in 10 of this year’s battleground states. Though debates featuring both nominees have only been finalized in Arizona and Colorado, campaign representatives in Washington, Wisconsin and Florida said they were still working out details with organizers and would have more details to share soon. Of those states, however, Republican Tiffany Smiley in Washington is the only candidate to publicly announce the debate invitations she has accepted — and has criticized Democratic Sen. Patty Murray for so far declining to commit to debates or to participate in a joint newspaper editorial board interview.

“Senator Murray will absolutely debate Tiffany Smiley this fall,” Murray spokesperson Naomi Savin said in a statement, adding that the campaign was working out “scheduling details” and that Murray has debated every general election opponent since she was elected in 1992.

While Murray in 2016 attended a joint editorial board interview with her Republican opponent, Chris Vance, at the Everett Herald, Murray this year “feels a one-on-one conversation will lend itself to a more productive conversation,” Savin said.

“Scheduling details”? Wanting “a more productive conversation”? 24 days after Tiffany Smiley made her initial debate proposal, what is Patty Murray so afraid of?

STATEMENT FROM ELISA CARLSON, COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, SMILEY FOR WASHINGTON: “Patty Murray’s campaign has decided their path to victory is to hide her from the public at all costs. That’s because the more voters hear from the thirty year incumbent, the more they are turned off. Patty Murray is in a lose-lose situation: debating will expose her true record; not debating will lead to punishment from voters for being a coward.”

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