***ENDORSEMENT***Washington State Republican Party Endorses Smiley For Senate

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

SPOKANE, WA – At today’s meeting of the Washington State Republican Party, Party leaders overwhelmingly voted to stand with veterans advocate Tiffany Smiley for U.S. Senate.

Caleb Heimlich, Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, said: "This is an unprecedented action taken by the Washington State Republican Party but Tiffany Smiley is an unprecedented candidate. We have a golden opportunity to change our state and country for the better by standing with Tiffany in her race to win this U.S. Senate seat. In less than six months as a candidate, Tiffany Smiley has shown her skills as a tireless champion for conservative ideals, a coalitions builder, and inspiring speaker at Republican events statewide. We are proud to endorse Tiffany and we know with her skillset and passion, she will never stop fighting for Washingtonians.

In her remarks to the State Party, as prepared for delivery, Tiffany Smiley said…

On Why She’s Running:

“… Every morning I look at my husband and I know that no matter how tough a fight may be, victory is always possible.

You see, Scotty will never see his boys play Little League. He will never see them graduate high school. And he will never see them get married. An Iraqi suicide car bomber may have taken his eyes, but they did not take his soul and they did not take his fight.

He inspires me and he has shown me that’s a fight we have in all of us. A commitment to make our country a better place for the next generation. I know that’s why I fight, because when I look at my three boys I want America to be a place worth sacrificing your eyesight for.”

On The Support She’s Received:

“But as I’ve said at the conclusion of nearly every speech I’ve given across our state, I can’t send Patty Murray packing all by myself. I need your help. And you delivered!

I’m so proud to announce that we’ve raised more than a million dollars in just over four months, and we’ve done it with donations big and small, from over 10,000 Washington supporters who have joined our team, put yard signs in front of their homes, taken to social media, and are telling the nation that there is a new mom ready to take on Washington DC!”

To learn more about Tiffany Smiley’s record of taking on an unresponsive Federal government and fighting for the care of our nation’s veteran heroes, click here to download her campaign media kit.



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