AGENDA for Recovery & Reform


Tiffany Smiley's Agenda for Recovery and Reform

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After her husband Scotty was severely injured in Iraq, Tiffany Smiley dedicated herself to helping Scotty recover and receive the care he needed. However, during that process, they ran into government protocols and federal bureaucracy that prevented Scotty from serving in active duty again. But Tiffany was relentless, fighting the Washington bureaucracy and winning important reforms for her husband and countless veterans with disabilities. Tiffany and Scotty turned crisis into hope

Families across Washington now face multiple crises, with inflation, gas prices, crime, drug addiction and homelessness all skyrocketing. While career politicians seem to get in the way of solving these crises – or worse by creating or exacerbating crises – Tiffany is a triage nurse and has real life experience in taking on and fixing crises. The goal of Tiffany’s agenda for recovery and reform is simple: to turn crisis into hope for all Washingtonians.

Economic Recovery & Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Workers, Job Creators and Middle-Class Families

From skyrocketing inflation to an oncoming recession, our economy is going in the wrong direction. Economic recovery means putting more in the pocketbooks of middle-class workers and families. Economic reform means enacting commonsense ideas that will take advantage of Washington’s strengths in the global competition for jobs and investment.


From aerospace to information technology, Washington is a leader of America’s 21st century economy. But growing up on a farm, Tiffany knows Washington’s economy is more than multi-national corporations. This 
agenda will ensure that
hope is on the horizon for Washington’s workers, job creators and middle-class families, acknowledging our diverse and productive workforce.

The Agenda


  • Preventing the IRS from harassing middle-class families and small businesses with the 87,000 agents they plan to hire to investigate American taxpayers

  • Reducing wasteful spending that has caused inflation and ensuring that government never pays able-bodied workers more to stay at home than go to work

  • Permanently extending the 2017 tax cuts for the middle class and paying for it by permanently extending the cap on state and local (SALT) deductions, preventing the rich in high-tax states like California from lowering their tax bills

  • Pursuing free and fair trade agreements like USMCA that support nearly a million Washington jobs and protect Washington workers, manufacturers and farmers from unfair trade practices

  • Enacting commonsense paid family leave policy that helps fund parental leave and child care expenses

    • I will support bipartisan legislation that gives parents the option to advance child tax credit payments that would help families after the birth or adoption of a new child, to finance time off of work, and offset the cost of infant care.


Public Safety Recovery & Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington’s Communities & Crime Fighters


Crime is skyrocketing across Washington and families don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Iconic businesses like Starbucks are closing stores because of unsafe conditions, leading to job and wage loss. Drugs are pouring into Washington and killing too many people. And we have to acknowledge that we have a fentanyl and opioid crisis because we have a border crisis.

Public safety recovery means supporting our law enforcement with the resources and training they need, rolling back radical efforts to “defund the police” that undercut the foundation of our lawful society. Public safety reform means doing everything we can to mitigate the root causes of crime, including the narcotics that come from our country’s southern border. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s victims of crime, our police and those they protect and serve. 

The Agenda


  • Preventing Title 42 from being lifted until real border security – through physical barriers, manpower and technology – can be achieved 

  • Holding repeat offenders accountable by supporting the work of Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison to prosecute recidivism

  • Allowing law enforcement agencies to use federal grant dollars to offer $5,000 in hiring and retention bonuses to police officers

  • Requiring local governments to fund their municipal police departments in order to be eligible for any funding from the Department of Justice

  • Making local governments who have defunded their police legally liable for personal and property damages


How to Give Hope to Washington’s Children and their Parents

In so many ways, our schools do not meet the needs of our children and grandchildren. Despite the best efforts of so many of our teachers during the pandemic, distance and remote learning has shown all of us the holes in our education system. Many of our schools are focused on teaching divisive topics instead of the basics. And the careers of the future don’t match an education system that is stuck in the past. 

Education recovery means getting back to the basics: reading, writing and math. Education reform means making sure parents have a say and a choice in their children’s education. This agenda will ensure that hope is on the horizon for Washington’s students and parents because our system must work to meet unique needs, talents and challenges of all individuals so they can have a bright future. 

The Agenda


  • Expanding school choice to ensure low income families who are not part of the rich and elite have equal access to a quality education

  • Promoting curriculum transparency to empower parents and banning the teaching of divisive ideology like Critical Race Theory from our elementary schools

  • Creating and expanding K-12 STEM education programs to ensure skills development for the future

  • Banning the federal government from forgiving student loans in a way that is unfair to those who have already paid off their debts and makes electricians and plumbers pay for the loans of lawyers and doctors

  • Ending the stigma and discrimination against students of all ages who choose not to go to college by expanding trade apprenticeships, on-the-job training and skill certification

  • Providing teachers (whose average salary in Washington State is $79,000) a pay raise and paying for it in part by reducing bureaucracy at the U.S. Department of Education (where the average salary is $126,000)



How to Hold Politicians Accountable and Give Hope to Voters Who Have Lost Confidence In Government


Voters have lost trust in politicians and have lost confidence in government. And they have good reason to. Career politicians are always in it for themselves, government always throws up roadblocks to the people it serves, and party politics always gets in the way of what’s best for our country.

Enough is enough. Recovering trust and confidence in government means reforming the way politicians behave and finding ways to hold them to account. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for all voters who just want their representatives to be honest and find solutions to our problems. 

The Agenda


  • Enacting term limits for Members of Congress, because if a politician was elected before someone was born, they should not be on the ballot when that voter reaches voting age

  • Revoking the annual salary for Members of Congress if they cannot pass a budget for that year, because if every family at a kitchen table has to live within their means, so should government

  • Banning taxpayer funds from ever going to political campaigns

Energy and Environmental Recovery and Reform

How to Give Hope to Washington's Consumers and Farmers

Before 2021, America was energy independent. But we have lost our way since then. From canceling pipelines to restricting drilling permits, the result has been skyrocketing energy prices that are crushing hard-working Washington families and farmers.

Recovering our energy independence means restoring production of domestic oil and natural gas to create jobs and reduce gas prices. Reforming our energy policy means adopting an all-of-the-above approach to our nation’s energy needs of today while preparing for the future in an environmentally responsible way. It’s common sense. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for consumers feeling pain at the pump and farmers who feel put at a competitive disadvantage.

The Agenda


  • Expanding American natural gas production and oil refining capacity to achieve energy independence and reduce gas prices in the short term

  • Expanding clean energy capacity, including reducing regulations for nuclear, wind and solar power to diversify our energy supply in the long term

  • Banning the removal of infrastructure, including the Snake River Dams, that produce clean hydropower energy for Washington consumers and provide a lifeline for Washington farmers

  • Requiring local input and guidance on management of forests on federal lands in order to prevent wildfires and restore natural habitat



How to Reduce Homelessness and Give Hope to Those Most At Risk

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Homelessness is not something we can turn a blind eye to. But the status quo of blindly throwing money at the problem is not working. Too many career politicians think it’s taboo to suggest that homelessness is just about rising housing costs. We need to acknowledge that mental illness, drug addiction, domestic abuse, re-entry from recent incarceration and troubled childhoods are more determinative of homelessness than poverty by itself.

Helping our most vulnerable recover demands solutions that lifts people up rather than tying them to yet another failed government program that spends billions of our tax dollars, with little actually reaching those in need. Reform of our approach to homelessness requires a coordinated and comprehensive effort to address the problem that has not been taken. This agenda ensures that hope is on the horizon for the homeless and those most at risk.  

The Agenda

We can achieve RECOVERY AND REFORM for the most vulnerable among us by:​​

  • Supporting approaches that provide the homeless with permanent housing and stability that helps them overcome their challenges while keeping individuals accountable for their behavior

  • Requiring adequate local public input and transparency before shelters for the homeless are placed in any neighborhood

  • Determining and funding the most effective, proven programs that treat mental illness, break drug addiction, fight abusive relationships and provide job training and counseling

  • Banning taxpayer dollars from ever being spent on sanctuaries for drug users like the "supervised drug consumption sites" proposed in California

  • Ensuring patients with preexisting conditions are always protected from discrimination while fixing our broken health care system from the flaws of Obamacare